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The grim reality of unattended deaths in New York City is one that many residents wish to ignore. Unfortunately, when a person dies without family or friends to identify them, their body remains undiscovered until it starts to decompose and becomes a health hazard. The stench of the decaying corpse soon alerts passers-by and the police are called in to investigate. Dead Bodies in NYC!

The deceased may have been homeless, living alone, or simply passed away with no relatives or close friends aware of their death. It is not uncommon for neighbors to report the smell of rotting flesh before an unattended death is discovered—a reminder that death can be lurking in any corner of NYC.

Sadly, this type of situation is on the rise due to various factors including poverty and rising rents making it harder for individuals to remain housed. According to data from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, there were 833 unattended deaths reported in NYC last year—nearly double the number recorded back in 2016.

When an unattended death occurs, law enforcement must step in and investigate as they would any other suspicious death case. The NYPD has set up a special unit whose sole purpose is dealing with these types of cases as quickly as possible so that proper identification can be made and subsequent arrangements can be made for burial or cremation.

Law Enforcement – Dead Bodies in NYC

Once the deceased has been identified, law enforcement personnel will then seek out any family members who may be entitled to receive details about the individual’s passing and offers them support during their time of grief. Those who pass away without family are typically buried at public expense with a personalized marker indicating who they were.

In this day and age it is essential that we remember those who pass away alone and ensure that they are given dignity even after death. Unattended deaths should not be seen or treated as mere statistics but instead respected for what they truly represent—the life lost forever too soon.

Crime rate in NYC

The crime rate in New York City is of great concern for its residents and visitors. In 2020, there were 545 homicides recorded in the city, an increase of nearly 52 percent from 2019. This marks the highest number of homicides since 1996 when 629 were reported. The NYPD attributes this rise to a variety of factors including access to deadly weapons, gang activity, and drug-related crimes.

The NYPD also reports that shootings have seen an alarming increase of over 135 percent since last year. In Manhattan alone, shootings surged by 127 percent with a total of 114 incidents being reported across the boroughs. Brooklyn saw the highest number of homicides in 2020 with 220 cases reported to police – representing an increase of over 81 percent from 2019’s figures.

Part of the challenge faced by police is the high level of gun violence throughout New York City neighborhoods, with illegal firearms seized daily from drug dealers and other criminals. In addition, gang activity has also become increasingly prevalent in the city – leading to turf wars between gangs which ultimately contribute to higher numbers of violent crimes and dead bodies found on city streets.

The NYPD is actively working to combat these issues through increased enforcement measures such as Operation Impact which has been successful in reducing crime in targeted areas for extended periods of time. However, given the complexity and scope of NYC’s crime problem, it is clear that more must be done to reduce crime rates in order to protect residents and visitors alike from becoming victims of violent crime or murder.

Death Cleanup NYC

Death cleanup in NYC is a grim reality for many people. With the city’s high crime rate, it is unfortunately all too common to have to deal with the aftermath of violent deaths. Cleaning up after a death can be an emotionally taxing experience, and it requires special attention and care.

When a death occurs, the first step in the process is to identify and locate any potential evidence related to the event. This includes any blood or bodily fluid present at the scene that may contain DNA evidence, which could help local law enforcement officers in their investigations. Once this evidence has been collected, a professional cleaning crew can then be called in to take care of the remaining mess.

These specialized crews are experienced in dealing with death scenes and understand how sensitive they can be. They typically use specialized chemical cleaners and sanitizers that safely remove biohazards from surfaces, as well as pay close attention to details such as ensuring that all areas affected by the incident are thoroughly disinfected and free from contamination. Once finished with their work, these teams will often leave behind a detailed report describing their process and actions taken during their visit.

Unattended Deaths! Dead Bodies in NYC

Death cleanup in NYC also involves sensitivity for surviving family members who may still be grieving over the loss of a loved one. Professional cleaners are trained to show respect for both those involved in the incident and for any family or friends present at the scene of death clean-up after its completion.

The entire process of death clean-up is meant to provide closure for survivors while also helping law enforcement officers protect individuals from further harm or danger by collecting all relevant evidence before they depart from the scene. Death clean-up is an unfortunate necessity in our cities today, but when done correctly it helps those affected move forward with their lives after tragedy strikes close to home.

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